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We are a friendly team composed of a great team of people highly qualified who will gently arrange an amazing trip for you. We will gently give you the best options for your trip to Peru, always giving you some recommendations for each city you may visit. And if you want to arrange a special tour, just give us your idea and we will be in charge of the rest. Our mainly GOAL is your complete satisfaction, for that reason we work hard to improve everyday our services and make the best trip for you. Trust in us, we will be always with you. Our 24 hour emergency telephone will be there for you if you may have any doubt or suggestion. You will be always welcome for us.

Sincerely, Team Inkaland Group


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Address: Urbanization Ttio G1 Nr 09, Cuzco, Peru – South America

Phone: (051) 84 238 695
Email: info [ @ ]

INKALAND GROUP is a travel agency tour operator in Cusco, and has been organizing treks and tours in Peru since 2009. Peru is known worldwide for its unique culture and rich history. Whether you’re looking for adventure, culture, mystery or treks to ancient ruins, we have the right excursion for you!